About the Bombers

RCAF 420

The Bombers are named after London’s Royal Canadian Air Force Squadron 420, initially a strategic and tactical bombing unit, a training unit, and later a fighter unit during World War 2.

The No. 420 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force was formed in 1941 during World War I, operating out of Waddington, England, before moving to London, Ontario until 1956.

In England, Sq. 420 was assigned to Bomber Command and Air Combat Training. While in London, it was assigned to Training Command and Air Defence Combat. They fought in Normandy, Biscay, Berlin 1944, and many notable bombing missions.

They primarily flew the Avro Lancaster, the best heavy bomber of that era, and the P51 Mustang, the best fighter.

Their motto was Pugnamus Finitum, latin for We Fight To The Finish.


Our primary logo is a stylized F-35, Canada’s newest fighter jet. Capable of multiple types of combat including bombing missions and fighting, the logo is the perfect modern choice and a blend of the Lancaster and Mustang, aircraft flown by Sq. 420 over 70 years ago.

Our coaches

Zach Hoskins,
Head Coach

Spencer Cradduck
Asst. Coach

Gord Paul,

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